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"The Drive from JFK to Midtown Is Said To Be "Pure Hell". The Things I Learned That Day From My Rideshare Drive Were More Like Pure Gold!"

...If you're a rideshare driver with ANY ambition to make more money, this is the one message you NEED to Pay Attention To!

Welcome To My Page!

Now, I don't want to be mean or anything, 

But there's something I need to say right here at the beginning.

There's a GOOD chance that the important message I have to share with you…

Could be a waste of your time.

And where I come from, that's just not something a good neighbor does to someone they care about.

So, I’ll tell you right here & now…

If you’re someone who:

Doesn’t know the difference between doing stuff online, and hanging your laundry on the clothesline.

Someone who:

Gives up on things right away, even if things are easy to figure out.

Someone who:

Thinks they should be able to press some kind of “magic button” and get rich without doing any work at all.

Well, I’m sorry to be the one to tell you my friend, but best you head out now, because this isn't for you.

Still with me?


I imagine an introduction is in order then…

I’m Gary, and I am a proud resident of Palmdale California.

Now, I know things might not be as exciting here in Palmdale...As they are in the big city

But people usually have a kind thought in their hearts, and a warm greeting when we run into each other.

So there's that...

Now, I’m pretty sure my life's story isn't why you’re here, so I’ll cut to the chase for you.

  • I believe in telling people the truth, even if it’s hard to hear
  • I believe in putting in a solid days work to earn a fair wage
  • I believe the better you treat people, the better people treat you

These 3 things have steered me through life pretty good so far

That's why I gotta say, what comes next…


It just plain sucks

No other way to put it.

Here’s what happened.

Back in 2017, let’s just say…

Um, Things were good.

REAL good.

I was raking in 64K a year, with full benefits and SERIOUSLY good medical insurance.

The work wasn't so bad either. I was in restaurant management and had a bunch of great people I got to work with.

So great perks, company suburban, hell, they even paid for my gas!

Then December came...

I don't want to go too far into it, but the restaurant chain was family-owned, and the owner was a middle-aged guy, and...

How do I say this…

Had “needs” I guess you could say.

These needs included his receptionist Anabel (among others)

In addition to his wife.

Well, let's just say she was NOT a fan of these needs.

Ah… Nuff said.

Next comes the messy divorce, and 13 restaurants all close up.

Just like that.

Out of a job on December 22nd, just 3 days before Christmas.


I have to admit, things weren't too bad at first

I got a few grand as a severance package

And we had a little over $27,000 we were saving for the down payment on our first house.

But the day finally came when my wife, Arlene, and I had to decide

Between paying the electric bill, and the grocery bill.

(For the record, Candle light isn't so bad, Arlene even called it “romantic” once in a while…)

The health club memberships


The eating out 2 or 3 times a week


The chance to go on vacation once in a while


I mean, how on earth is it fair if a guy is willing to work his butt off to earn his way through life, 

And his car breaks down and he can't even afford a $64 radiator repair?

Ok, it gets better…

But don’t worry, the silver lining to all this is coming up in a minute or two.

I did finally get myself work driving for a couple of rideshare services.

After my first full month, I did the math, and it worked out to a whole $3.76 per hour!

Ok, Ok, It sounds like I’m complaining, but it was sure as hell better than nothing.

But it sure wasn't going to be enough to dig Arlene & me out of the hole we were in...

Then came the “side job” that changed EVERYTHING!

Ok, this is like some kind of movie script. I think that If I wasn't there myself, I'd wonder if it actually happened.

See, I had a guy, Paul. He was this bartender from up in Lancaster, and a bit of a “regular” when I was driving Uber.

He tipped pretty good, and we got along, chatting on our rides.

He calls me up one day and asks me if I want to deliver a car he sold on eBay for his boss to New York City. 

It was a fairly fancy Jaguar with a good stereo. 

And he was willing to pay me $600 plus an airline ticket to get back home to Palmdale, so I said 

Why Not.

Nothing exciting happened on the trip, just another LONG road trip on the interstate. 

Nothing, that is, until I dropped the car off in Midtown Manhattan and ordered an Uber for the trip to JFK so I could catch my plane home.

That's When I Met “Mikey The Mouth”

To say this guy was “a little eccentric” would be the understatement of the century!  

But the gift he gave me, right there on that bumper to bumper ride to the airport.

I couldn't put a price on it if my life depended on it!

"Hey, How You Doin?? I’m Mikey. You need anything on this trip, I got you buddy Just let me know..." 

Came a loud voice from the driver’s seat.

"Hope you’re good with taking Van Wyck, because only a friggin mo-ron would take the FDR this time of day...

The ride went along at something close to “normal” until we came to some bumper to bumper traffic, right next to Major Deegan, then the fireworks began…

Are you kidding me? I'm gonna spend 46 grand a year on tolls to deal with crap like this?


It was right about then, that he turned toward the back seat, and gave me the biggest gift of my life!  

"Look, Gary, That is your name, right?” As he looked back at the Uber screen…

I don't know what you do for a living, but if it has ANYTHING to do with this here, what the kids say “gig economy”, My advice is…


The money’s not good enough, the hours suck, and then you get yourself B.S. like this!"

I couldn't think of anything better to say than

"Yeah, but it DID get you this nice truck, how bad can it be?

"Oh, thanks. I bought it cash from my nephew Christopher over in Queens. The gas mileage kinda sucks, but It's a nice smooth ride, amIright?

Ok, Ok, I’ll say it in a better way…

Don't drive for rideshare unless you know “Mikeys 10 commandments"

Ok, he had my curiosity at that point…

What are these 10 commandments?

"Ok, here's the way to do this so you don't wind up some kinda shlub with unGATZ in your wallet, capiche?

If you remember these, Traffic jams are still gonna blow, but at least you'll still have a nice Xbox in your truck while you’re parked on the expressway...."

With that, he points at THREE brand new Ipads in his truck, controllers hanging on nice hooks…

Ok, here’s the ten commandments…

ONE: NEVER try to tell yourself “I’ve tried everything”! Because “Everything” is a Yuuuuge list of (Stuff) and if you're like most folk “everything” means maybe 2 or 3 things

TWO: If you don't know something, go to the smartest people you can, who already figured it out! Hey Gary -  No Shame In It, We ALL got things we’re good at. Said another way, I’ll do me, and you do you, and we BOTH win!

THREE: If you think you know “your numbers” Believe me, You DON’T. Think of it like this, do you have any idea how sad it is to hear people telling their friends how bad things got into a thousand dollar Iphone? Or how much money they waste by “bargain hunting” for hours to save $5? It’s not just your money, but your TIME you need to think about my friend.

FOUR: When you find something that works, Don’t be Shongod - . Do more of that thing, It Blows my mind how many People miss this. If you don't do this, it’s like CHOOSING to be dubatzi in the head.....

FIVE: Try new stuff out all the time. It’s like this… Right there, where you sit, That's the result of the “stuff” you’ve been trying out so far? How’s that working out? Want different results - do something different. Keep trying out new things till you get your life right!

SIX: Keep track of all the stuff you try out so you can keep it right in your head. Here’s what I mean… You gotta MEASURE stuff man, I hear morons say stuff like “I tried that already” when they gave it a half assed shot.


Yeah, You look like a smart guy Gary.) Those “try’s” don't really count…

SEVEN: Learn new stuff everyday. I know everybody SAYS they do, but most of them are half assing it. Learn BIG stuff, Stuff you may not agree with… Dig into the details, You’ll come out ahead when you do!

Eight: Every once in a while, you just gotta hold your damn nose and just JUMP IN! Taking Chances is a GOOD Thing. You wanna know what every rich guy I ever met has in common? Yeah, this is it...

NINE: (Plan out what you want your future to look like, most people live their whole friken life on autopilot. The clearer that plan, the higher you’ll go, The bigger your mark will be on this world, Just do it SMART.

TEN: (The ONLY time to start is RIGHT NOW) Look Gary, The world is FULL of schlubs who think their life is some kind of trap that somebody else put them in. As long as they believe that garbage, they are straight up screwed...

At first, I did what I think everyone does, I came out with my best excuses…

Yeah, but I have no time for new stuff

What the hell did I just say Gary!  I hate to be the one to tell you this man, but…

You’ll NEVER Have ‘The Time’

Not in a Billion years!  The cockroaches Will have taken over the earth before you “find” a single minute.

The ONLY time you’re gonna have is the time you MAKE Gary...

Do you play video games for hours?

Do you scroll Facebook “just one more time” every hour of every day?

Do you watch TV all the time??

How many hours a day.

Ok, now the HONEST answer…. 😉

Yeah, THAT’S the time you’ll have to try out something good for yourself, the exact moment you decide you’re actually worthy of a better life.

Because you are.

Just sayin

Ok, Ok already, You’ve got me, Mikey I’ll try out your advice…

Once I got home, I put just 1 of Mikey's recommendations to work. 

It was giving away an ebook for people who wanted to grow healthier roses he told me about...

Now, I want you to picture Mikey, in a nice frilly apron tending to roses.

I know, I sure can't either

He did the research though, and found out that the free book about roses was good, people LOVED it.

But here’s the important part…

After I got 5 people to say yes to that free book, 2 of them bought the “upsell version” with more information in it

Everybody involved got something they were looking for, at the price THEY chose, and I made over a hundred bucks!

The day that deposit hit my account, it felt like I was walking on water!

Was $103.73 going to change my life?

Of course not, BUT…

I did the math, and the whole thing took me about 15 minutes, even not knowing what I was doing, and it hit me.

That's a little over Four Hundred And Fourteen Dollars An Hour! (And I’ve never made money like that in my whole life!

But wait, it gets better…

While I was doing this online stuff, I was also still driving rideshare

But with a difference…

I was keeping track of EVERYTHING, 

When I looked back on the difference it made on my driving earnings in the “Before Mikey Times”


Check this out:



$937.12 /month




So I called Mikey back in the beginning of the year to tell him about my progress…

Before I did, I wrote all my results down, as well as the things I tried…

I’ll say this…

Mikey’s not much for paying compliments, but I could see it in his eyes. This hardened New Yorker was PROUD of the help he had given me, and its effect on my life.

He asked me If he could share my little “Note sheet” with some people…

He called me in a week with his hair on fire, everyone he shared it with just HAD to know how to get more info

We shared more details

People kept hounding us for more and more advice on how to make more money…

We kept helping them

Mikey called me to complain it was taking up all his time, and if he kept spending time tutoring folks his girlfriend was going to get suspicious about the “perks” of playing “teacher”..

So Rideshare Renegade Was Born….

Ok, Sure That IS A Lot Of Information We Have To Share…

And anyone reading that might be thinking “That's more work, learning these new things”

Truth is...I Might Be All Wrong About You…

Maybe you ARE one of those people.

Maybe you haven't learned the difference between working HARD and working SMART 


It could be that you’re happy as can be with the money you’re making from rideshare.

But the fact that You’re Still With Me, listening to what I have to say...

That tells me you’re doing ok. True enough, and maybe even “getting by”...

Is “Just Getting By” REALLY good enough though??

Thing is...

In 2020, unless you’ve been living under a rock in deepest darkest Alaska you’ll know the world has been turned upside down.

I don’t even need to name it either...You know exactly what I’m talking about.

And it's no secret that every nearly every industry including Rideshare has been affected in one way or another by all this craziness.

This means, chances are, our bank balances have taken a hit.

For some of us, a BIG HIT...

This is the reason why my chance meeting with Mikey couldn’t have come at a better time. 

The secrets he spilled in his Uber on that day that made RideShare Renegade what it is, are exactly what you may need to weather the storm financially, and provide your family in 2020 and beyond. 

Are about MORE than just about a simple rideshare business.

Hey, you KNOW what they say about having all your eggs in the one basket.

Nuff said...

This is about you being confident that:

Your mortgage payments or rent...

Your car payment...

All the other bills that may be keeping you up at night...


Fact is we have NO IDEA what’s around the corner so it makes PERFECT sense to be prepared...right?

Now, PLEASE hear me on this,,,

These aren't meant to be scare tactics or ‘prepper’ talk.

I’m not talking about teaching you how to find the best berries on the side of the highway to keep you alive, or how to catch a wild boar with nothing more than a toothbrush and jar of Skippy Peanut Butter.

What I AM talking about is You maximizing what you can earn, protecting your current financial situation, and making that all important ‘Plan B’ so you're protected if the shit hits the fan even more than it has already.

"The secret of getting ahead, is getting started."

Mark Twain

Because if there’s one thing 2020 has taught us…

Expect the unexpected.

I know, I know, Understatement of the CENTURY…

I was always taught ‘Better To Be SAFE than SORRY’ so I’ve stuck to that advice throughout my life, and it hasn't done me any harm yet.

THAT’s why I want to give you that same opportunity today.

What Would It Cost To Figure All This Out On Your Own?

There’s one question that I’ll bet has already crossed your mind since you’ve been reading this... 

“Yeah, Gary, Rideshare Renegade sounds great, but can’t I just jump on the internet and find all this information myself…”

Of Course you can!

You can learn ANYTHING you want on the internet if you’ve got the time and patience.

(Hell, I’ve seen YouTube videos on how to perform open-heart surgery but I wouldn’t recommend grabbing a kitchen knife and giving it a go.)

You could waste hours and hours scouring the internet for something as simple and effective as Rideshare Renegade and eventually after A LOT of research you may even get halfway there...

Me though, I have a lot of things going on in my life, and if I can find a shortcut that works…

Bet your ass, I’m gonna take it!

Because our TIME is way more important than anything else.

Even Money.

Look, we only have 24 hours in the day and If you’re like me, you’re maxing out on those hours on most days.

Long story short: You may not have all that many hours to spend on digging through all that research.


You Can Skip All That When You Invest In Rideshare Profit Renegade Today, so you can start putting your plan into action and start reaping all those financial rewards sometime REAL soon.

And just What are all those rewards anyway?

That Dollar Figure may be A LOT more than you think...

Because I’ve seen numbers that you wouldn’t even believe, they’re so high...

(It needs to also get said, that I’ve seen people spend money on course after course after course, and never make a cent)

How do I know what YOU’LL Do?

I don’t. (And if anyone online say’s different, RUN! )

I like you, true enough, but I have no way to know how hard you’ll push, so it would be impossible to come up with a fair guess.

I’ll say this though…

When You DO Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get To Work, The Odd’s Get WAY Better At Solid Paydays… 😉

If you focus on even just ONE of the “Nuggets” you’ll find in Rideshare Renegade, and see it through, you’ll be so far ahead of “the herd”. 

It won't even be funny...

Like Heather Bateman, in San Bernardino California. 

She saw the potential earnings she learned about on page X and got down to doing the work.

There was no stopping her. 

Spending only a few hours a week (and no previous experience by the way) ran with page X (I’ll keep that a secret for a moment) and now has a consistent online income that is double what she earned full time with Rideshare…(In under a year)

Does she still drive?

You may be surprised to hear this, but yeah she does. But only 1 day a week, so she can hang out with real people, and make new friends.


Now, Heather took Rideshare Renegade to a new level because she had an income goal, and she Took Consistent Action. 

Bottom line...

I know deep down in my gut, you’ll make a hell of a lot more than the X you invest today when you apply what you learn..

So, really it boils down to this.

What’s all this worth to you?

Well I can tell you now, when you REALLY take CONSISTENT action it's worth a hell of a lot more than that. 

Is it worth...$700 a month?

Of course, 

I suppose this would be something close to average if you just put a few chapters in place

Is it worth...$250 a month?

Even if you do the ABSOLUTE BARE MINIMUM I’d expect this in your back pocket. (That's 3k a year remember!)

Before I do tell you the discount price you’ll be paying today, think about this...

I've spoken to HUNDREDS of rideshare drivers face to face over the last few months and I know for a lot of them it's been a struggle.

So I promised myself that when I DID come up with a price, It would be Something ANYBODY Can Afford

So right Now (and I’m not sure for how long) it's just:

$47 Dollars

That’s less than a full Tank of gas! But unlike a full tank that same $X will keep on giving well into the future. 

But we’re not talking about just a low price…

Remember, I've BEEN in your shoes. (Or more accurately your driving seat).

And as I’ve already explained...There were some weeks that even $PRICE bucks was a struggle. 

So, even though I’m SUPER confident in the information you’re about to receive in Rideshare Renegade...

It’s also VERY important that it’s a no brainer to Click The Purchase Button Below.

The best way to do that?

Make your purchase 100% risk free...

That’s why you’ll also be getting a FULL 60 Day Full money-back guarantee.

If you have ANY doubts, worries, concerns in the first 60 days, just shoot me an email to EMAIL and I’ll personally get your refund over to you within 24 hours no hassle, no hustle, and no fooling around.

On top of that, you’ll even get to keep X Rideshare Renegade just for giving us a fair try.

In a nutshell, I’m taking 100% of the risk... 

And you’ll be ...Taking ZERO

Fair Enough?

Which brings us to the spot we're standing at right now…

A “crossroads” where you have two paths in front of you that you can choose.

Turn left…

Forget everything I've talked about today, close down this window and just put it down to one of those “coulda, shoulda, woulda” moments when you remember reading this pops into your head again in a month's time...

Then jump back on youtube and while away the next hour on cute cat videos or repeats of Forged in Fire episodes. “It will Keal” and forget about the whole thing.

(Come on...Who doesn't love a Cat video!)

Then carry on with your rideshare business running it exactly how you’ve been doing and HOPE things will get better sooner rather than later. 

I’m keeping my fingers crossed too because the economy is getting back on its feet the better for EVERYONE no matter what industry they’re in.

However, You Can Turn Right…

Grab this opportunity by the horn...

Invest in Rideshare Renegade Now (With no risk) and open the door to higher fares to boost that monthly take home.

Have the peace of mind that you're moving ever closer to financial stability for you and your loved ones.

Walking round everyday with less and less weight on your shoulders and dropping your stress levels as your next plans fall into place. 

Not just that, but take on a whole new mindset where you start to see bigger and better opportunities at every turn.

All for less than a full tank of gas…

I’ve said all I've got to say about Rideshare Renegade for now, the rest is up to you my friend.

My only regret is that you weren't in the car with me when I first met Mikey because if you’d heard it from his own mouth yourself you’d already have Rideshare Renegade in your inbox and getting excited for the days ahead. 🙂

- Greg


For those of you who skipped all the way to the bottom…(I’m guilty of it myself sometimes) 

I’ll fill you in…

Rideshare Renegade is the brainchild of me & a Crazy cool Uber driver from NYC named Mikey.

Together we came up with a KILLER roadmap for rideshare drivers who want to take their earnings into the Bigtime.

That about sums it up 🙂

Limited Time Offer Expires in:

Reserve Your Seat Below!

© Copyright 2020 Rideshare Renegade.  All Rights Reserved.

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